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A New Journey Begins Here

The Ideal Marketing Consultant

The luminous talent and marketing strategies of Charlie Vaughn have allowed her to become somewhat of a phenomenon in the industry.  With over 22 years of progressive business strategy and marketing experience, Charlie is a gifted professional with a sundry of accomplishments. She specializes in diverse branding solutions for business professionals and has a proven ability to combine vision with creativity. Her company has a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification. Contact us today for career coaching, marketing/graphic design, personal development or resume/bio assistance.


Valued Partnerships

GMC Consultants LLC

Woman Owned Multi-Certified Company

Helios Strategy Solutions, LLC

Woman Owned, Multi-Million Valued Company 

Dr. Cedric Donaldson

Licensed Physical Therapist and Former NFL Athlete


Women Owned Consulting Company

ACG West Logistics, LLC

Minority Owned Trucking Company

Happy Clients

Charlie is indeed a master a crafting things that shape you to be more of who you are. She helped me with my resume/bio and highlighted my talents and skills in a way that revealed something that was hidden inside of me. After my initial consultation and subsequent sessions, I began searching for the "perfect job" with my new resume. Within two weeks, I had three offers!! After more than 20 years into my career, I have never felt more confident in my profession than I do now.

Alison Clark

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General Questions

Want to hear more about how I can transform your life?  Contact me today with general questions or for more details on how to schedule a session.


Hours of Operation: M-F 5 - 8 PM and Sat-Sun 8 - 3PM 

320 W. Lanier Ave., Suite 200, Fayetteville, GA 30214


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